Local Churches

If you’re searching for fellowship, or are looking for a place to hold a ceremony of remembrance or celebration, we hope this comprehensive list of local houses of worship, of all denominations, helps our site visitors in some small way. See our list of local churches below.

Brocton Baptist Church  

33 West Main Street NY 14716
Phone: 716-792-4572
Contact: Rev. Larry Morrison

Fellowship Church of Brocton  

148 West Main Street NY 14716
Phone: 716-672-9862
Contact: Rev. Sandy Ball

Harvest Chapel West  

9 Highland Ave. NY 14716
Phone: 716-792-9458
Contact: Rev. Chris Schimel

Lake Erie Baptist Church  

9500 Lake Ave. NY 14716
Phone: 792-792-6575
Contact: Pastor Gary Nutt

Portland Congregational Church  

8649 Church Street NY 14769
Phone: 716-792-4433
Contact: Rev. Gordon Spiller

Seventh Day Adventist Church  

2441 East Main Rd. NY 14716
Phone: 716-792-9595
Contact: Elder Robert Wahl
Contact: Elder William McNeil

St. Dominic's Roman Catholic Church  

12 central Ave. NY 14716
Phone: 716-792-4225
Alternate Phone: 716-326-2816
Contact: Father Joseph Walter

Tri Church Parish  

12 Central Ave. NY 14716
Phone: 716-792-4533
Contact: Rev.Kevin Connolly

West Portland Baptist Church  

7081 West Main Road Westfield 14787
Phone: 716-365-5011
Website: http://www.westportlandbaptistchurch.com
Contact: Rev. Charles Robertson